Quartex is now a company

It is with great pleasure that I can inform everyone that Quartex Pascal is now a company with a fully funded three year runway. This means that Quartex Pascal as well as the desktop project will see full-time development the next three years. As of such, the Patreon project will shut down mid December. Don’tContinue reading “Quartex is now a company”

Filesystem over Websocket

The filesystem service is also something you can use in your applications. In order for it to work properly it requires a second service, the authentication service. Both use the same hybrid node.js server class – so once that is in place, both these node.js services can be used by your programs — regardless of you using the desktop ecosystem or not.

Major RTL update available

It’s been 3 weeks since the last update, but rest assured that those weeks have not been wasted. In fact, I have worked on QTX every single day in from afternoon to bedtime. The changes and fixes in this update are in their hundreds. I will only list those that are of immediate interest for users to know about.

Theme styling: A primer

In order to bring uniformity to how component writers work, the IDE operates with a few basic laws regarding CSS styles and how they are applied. These laws are simple and non-intrusive. It is very important that QTX don’t get in the way of whatever styling developers write themselves, or collide with existing JavaScript frameworks and their styling

Quartex Pascal version 0.17.2 released

This build contains fixes for bugs that has been lurking around the RTL and IDE for some time. Each revision unveils less and less items to fix, and I believe we are only a couple of builds away to mark the binary as a release candidate! It was a bit sad that the latest DWScriptContinue reading “Quartex Pascal version 0.17.2 released”

Website, forum and gearing up for RC1

As we are nearing RC1 with only a handful of tickets left, there are about to be some serious changes to our infrastructure. So far we have operated with Patreon as our means to finance the development, and Facebook as our daily driver for live status, quick feedback and general community talk. This model hasContinue reading “Website, forum and gearing up for RC1”