Welcome to the official website for Quartex Pascal, an exciting Object Pascal development toolchain for writing modern, HTML5 and node.js powered applications.

Quartex Pascal (short: QTX) is an object pascal IDE, compiler, run-time library and development system. Unlike traditional, native development systems, such as C/C++, Delphi or Freepascal, QTX generates high performance JavaScript – allowing developers to tap into web technology and enjoy the full might of modern mobile, desktop and server development.

The IDE has drag & drop of visual elements, both standard HTML elements and complex user controls

The compiled code will run in your browser or server-side through node.js. You do not need Delphi or any other technology to run your QTX projects. The Quartex IDE is likewise stand-alone and does not require Delphi or anything else to function.

Infinite possibilities

By targeting web technology instead of a native chipset, Quartex Pascal is able to go places native applications cannot. JavaScript is universal and behaves identically on all platforms, both in the browser and on system service level. This means the code you write is not bound to Windows, Linux or MacOS. It can be deployed everywhere, including mobile and embedded devices.

Implement time consuming tasks as web-workers and use the Ragnarok message framework to share data between processes

You can write desktop applications, mobile applications, servers, system services, embedded and IoT projects – the sky really is the limit. No other technology on the planet has seen as much development as modern web technology, and being able to leverage that using your existing skill-set is a great benefit.

For a more in-depth history of Quartex Pascal, read our introduction here.

Writing node.js servers and services is both fun and productive with Object Pascal

Community funded

Join the community!

Quartex Pascal is not a financial venture. It has been created purely because it is needed by the community and because of the opportunities it provides. Funding is donation based via the Patreon system. This gives benefactors full freedom in how much they donate on a monthly basis – and it helps the developer schedule hours based on those donations.

As a high-tier backer you have different rights from the average user. The most important being that you have access to the source-code. You are allowed to modify both the RTL and IDE to your special needs, as long as you respect the license and responsibilities involved.

High-tier backers are also exempt from paying a the €300 commercial license, and get their name and company logo in the product itself.

Become a backer!

If you like what you see and want to nurture the development and future evolution of QTX, then head over to Patreon and back the project right now!

If you don’t want a monthly support plan, you can also donate via Paypal to help the cause and just buy a commercial license.

Simply transfer your donation here.

License and use

To avoid some of the common license mistakes, Quartex Pascal is released under a vanilla, classical shareware license. This means that while everything is very accessible to the public, ownership is retained for the purpose of avoiding fragmentation.

The commercial license is very reasonable and aimed solely at funding further development of the development platform. You can read about the licensing model and responsibilities here.

To sum up the license:

  • Free to use for open-source projects
  • Free to use for educational institutions
  • Free to use for students
  • If you write code you earn money from, you need a commercial license
    • Commercial license will never exceed 300€
  • Backers who help fund the project on a monthly basis are exempt from needing a commercial license. They are considered co-creators. See the page for licensing and responsibilities.