Quartex is now a company

It is with great pleasure that I can inform everyone that Quartex Pascal is now a company with a fully funded three year runway. This means that Quartex Pascal as well as the desktop project will see full-time development the next three years.

As of such, the Patreon project will shut down mid December. Don’t remove your backing just yet, i need time to register each name and the tires so that backers can receive appropriate licenses for having backed the project. I will inform everyone in good time.

Having sacrificed more or less every weekend for the past four years, it feels good to have arrived at a place where i can focus more deeply on the tasks, rather than jumping in and out with a full work-week between sessions. I can barely remember a weekend I did not work on QTX in some capacity. I must admit I had hoped the Patreon model would have seen stronger backing, but at least I gave the alternative routes a fair chance.

I think products like this can only be realized through traditional, commercial mechanisms. That is ultimately the lesson I have learned after four years of alternative paths. C# and Miguel de Icaza’s story is somewhat similar. He barely made any money on donations and backing (and that was in California, at the heart of Silicone Valley) and it was ultimately thanks to Novell investing in C# and asp.net for Linux that Xamarin Studio (commercial mono, much better than VS) came into existence. Xamarin Studio was later bought by Microsoft, and the mobile development framework and compiler in VS is ultimately Xamarin. Without commercial investment, Xamarin would never have been a success.

Anyways, updates will appear on Patreon for December, and after that everything will happen via the official website here. The Facebook group will remain active, and it will become an open user-group like Delphi developer, FPC Developer and C++Builder Developer – which are the developer groups I manage on Facebook.

Salud Compadres!

There will no doubt be some pause in January as I implement the license server so updates etc. can be automated, but news will be posted here starting with the release of version 1.0 of Quartex Pascal.

So there is a lot to be happy for right now! Finally I can work full weeks on QTX and have normal weekends again ā¤ļø

Now for the third chapter in a very exciting journey šŸ™šŸ”±

Published by Jon Lennart Aasenden

Lead developer for Quartex Pascal