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Below are some live presentations about Quartex Pascal and the Quartex media desktop project that might be interesting to watch. We will also post links to articles and other media as the website grows.

Presentation of QTX for the Australian Delphi User Community

I was invited to do a longer presentation on QTX (early prototype) for ADUG. This became somewhat longer than we anticipated (over 2 hours), but we covered a lot of ground and looked at pretty much every aspect of the project.

Live presentation of QTX (older version) for the Australian Delphi user community in Perth

Quartex Media Desktop

Below is a youtube presentation of the Quartex Media Desktop, which is a complete ecosystem written in Quartex Pascal for doing large scale deployment of web applications to a web desktop environment.

Quartex Media Desktop is not what you think, it is a real working desktop for the cloud and embedded systems

DelphiCon 2023 Short Presentation

I was asked to do a quick, 20-30 minute segment on QTX for DelphiCon 2023. I must admit that this presentation was a bit ad-hoc, but hopefully everyone got the jist of the project.

Short presentation from DelphiCon 2023