Quartex Pascal version 0.17.2 released

This build contains fixes for bugs that has been lurking around the RTL and IDE for some time. Each revision unveils less and less items to fix, and I believe we are only a couple of builds away to mark the binary as a release candidate! It was a bit sad that the latest DWScript that was going to ship with this build was unstable, but rest assured that we will fork the latest and greatest once the DWScript codebase has been stabilized again. Eric is not one to leave bugs hanging for long.

Quartex IDE now has an RSS feed view to the forum on this website (top-right in the welcome tab)

Fixes for this build

  • Rolled back to previous DWScript which is stable
  • IDE now fetches the RSS feed from our forum (here at quartexdeveloper.com)
  • Fixed a problem with TQTXDynamicApplication model where the ShowForm() failed due to mistaken reintroduction
  • Fixed a problem with TQTXBoxedApplication model where a similar reintroduce caused issue. Both of these further affected the “ShowForm” method, so it was very fortunate that we fixed these now
  • The codegen omitted width when emitting code for TQTXBoxedApplication forms, which it should — this has now been fixed
  • Gave all widgets in the RTL icons. The default green puzzle piece is now reserved for clean HTML definition components (e.g 1:1 wrappers over direct HTML tags, like <Table> or <option> style elements). It also remains as a default glyph in case someone register a widget without a glyph
  • All widgets have been given a [DefaultName(‘<name here>’)] attribute, so that when you add a widget it is not named “widget1” or “Widget2” but rather “button1” or “listbox1” — which is what you expect and have in both Delphi and Lazarus.
  • Added a clean TQTXLeafletMap example, which demonstrates RT’s leaflet map package. Also gave that widget a google maps glyph (not sure it actually uses Google maps, that that is easy to fix).
  • Fixed a problem where WWR (web worker units) was not properly parsed and thus had no unit overview
  • Went over the code that resolves unit-file names, so it’s faster and more maintainable
  • .. and much, much more!

Future changes

With the TQTXBoxedApplicationModel finished, it is time to add that model to the projects menu. So in the next build I hope to have the new project template in place. With that however, the application object’s constructor (which is currently exposed in app.entrypoint.pas) will be consumed by the {$I “app::form.init”} code generator insertion point. Why? Because the application model for a project should not be changed by code, but rather in the build-config. If you change from say, a boxed model to a dynamic model, the only way the IDE can alter the constructor of the application object – is if it controls that snippet of code.

This means that examples have to be gone over, and I also need to adjust the project templates. It is an annoying thing to do in the 11th hour but will do a lot to the user-friendliness of the product, and also leave less confusion as to how to switch model in an already existing project.


Backers can download the latest binary from Patreon

Published by Jon Lennart Aasenden

Lead developer for Quartex Pascal

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