Better information pages!

This website is meant as an information page for those interested in Quartex Pascal or the Quartex Media Desktop projects. The idea of this website is that, once version 1.0 is out – this is where people can go to download binaries and the community edition. But until that is the case, news is posted weekly to Patreon and ad-hoc to our Facebook group.

The Facebook group is for backers only at this point, but once version 1.0 is out we will open it up for everyone. It will become an interest group much like Delphi Developer or many of the other language groups on Facebook.

Anyways, I have spent some time writing more about Quartex Pascal and it’s features here. I also updated the Quartex Media desktop so that this has it’s own page and menu item too, making it easier to get familiar with both.

I will continue to write and add more and more information (and split the page into sub-sections rather than one massive document) as we move forward.

Getting involved

If you find Quartex Pascal interesting and want to back it, head over to Patreon and sign up there. After you have signed up, head over to Facebook and join our group there for chat and questions. New binaries are published mostly weekly, but some times it can take two weeks between drops. The latest binary is always pinned at the top of our Facebook group, and you will find it on Patreon as well.


Published by Jon Lennart Aasenden

Lead developer for Quartex Pascal